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The BRC to commission a more comprehensive TAMS audit

There have been rapid changes in the recent video viewing landscape exacerbated by the Covid outbreak and the resultant accelerated changes in access to alternate video services and data. In this context, it is more important than ever that the industry remains confident in the TAMS (TV Audience Measurement Survey) panel, the core of South African TV measurement!

The TAMS panel will continue to form the cornerstone of video audience measurement in South Africa as the industry moves forward on the path of including additional screens, platforms and services into Total Video (TV). To this end, the 2021 TAMS audit will be a more comprehensive and expansive audit than in previous years.

“In 2020 we planned an audit encompassing 50 household visits. Unfortunately, the audit was not conducted due to the Covid lockdown,” says BRC’s CEO Gary Whitaker. “This year, the BRC will be validating the panel and implementing 200 coincidental household checks using a remote Covid safe methodology.”

During 2020, TAMS technicians were unable to carry out their normal maintenance activities resulting in The BRC commissioning auditors 3M3A, analyzing the possible effect this would have on the panel and the data. The check was completed in July 2020 by comparing the panel data for two weeks in 2020, from January 13th to 19th and July 6th to 12th.

Overall findings determined that the panel had decreased in size from January to July by 8% from 10 727 to 9 907 with decay happening to all parts of the panel. The panel also saw the mean weight increasing slightly since there are fewer panel members to carry the universe weight. There was no significant increase in the standard deviation and the Panel Efficiency also remained the same. At that point, the panel was still deemed to be a good currency overall for TV advertising in South Africa, however a more in-depth analysis will take place by means of the upcoming audit.

The broad scope of this year’s audit will include amongst others, a technical check – viewing recording and reporting correctly as per the previous audit and ascertaining the general health of the panel. The audit will also include an environmental review; a qualitative review of factors including power supply and information on viewing on other platforms and devices. Whitaker says, “The audit report will have significant input on informing our scope for future measurement including OTT/Streaming, leading into an RFP after the audit. Zero Ratings, which is a global phenomenon brought on by increased fragmentation, continues to challenge all industry players but measurement of OTT/Streaming, amongst other planned interventions, will offer some relief.”

The audit will also include heavy analysis of the changes in the market landscape over recent years, changes to the data output as a result of adjustments to RIMS (Random Iterative Method Weighting) and the universe update to the PAMS universe estimates from the ES (Establishment Survey), more specifically Household and SEM universe estimates.

“The BRC is planning to commission the 2021 TAMS audit by the beginning of April and will run for a period of two months due to the intensive and expansive nature thereof,” concludes Whitaker. “Results of the audit will be publicised shortly thereafter.”

“We have been extremely aware of the impact the pandemic has had on all research, not only here in South Africa, but globally, and by commissioning extra surveys and checks, we will ensure that all of our data is correct, in good health, reflective of the situation and representative of the universe.”

For more information on the BRC visit

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Who is the Coolest OG?

In this first-to-TV production, 12 of the Coolest OG’s are competing for a R100 000 grand prize by going through a series of fun and really cool challenges to see if they are truly THEE COOLEST OG.

Contestants will go through different challenges in each episode to see who will ultimately win the title of Coolest OG at the end of the season. Each contestant has been sent a package containing a phone on which they will receive instructions for their weekly challenges.

The series allows viewers to see how elderly people from various cultural backgrounds compete against people of similar age.

Their lounges are transformed into mini studios so they can compete from the comfort and safety of their own homes, sometimes with the help of an influencer or their family members.

The OG’s have never met the other contestants and have no idea how each has performed in the various tasks ranging from cooking, modelling, song writing, music videos, gaming, art, acting and other really cool challenges.

The Coolest OG’s will be adjudicated by four young judges. Each week the judges watch and discuss how each contestant has performed before eliminating a contestant based on their performance and swag.

“Just because you’re older doesn’t mean that you’re not lit! The older generation can also be cool and have a lot to teach us. We can say the same for the younger generation when it comes to teaching the older folk a thing or two!” says Gail Hoffmann Parrish, co-founder of marketing integration company G2 Connection. “This show is a social experiment but it’s also terrific insight into the older and younger generations which will of course lead to spectacular and unforgettable TV moments.

We have loads of integration opportunities for brands in the telecommunication, fashion, food, automotive, music, lifestyle and entertainment categories,” she says.

The show airs from 6 June on SABC 2 on Sunday’s nights from 18h30 to 19h30 with repeats on Sunday afternoons.

“Brand options for sponsors include opportunities on all forms of content generation, digital and social media, radio, working with influencers and much more,” says Gail. “This is one of the most exciting shows to hit our screens.

Whatever your communication and media strategy is, there is a suitable fit within the show!”

If you would like to be a part of this extrodinary journey please contact Gail Hoffman Parrish at

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The MRF announces first MAPS data

The Marketing & Research Foundation (MRF) is pleased to announce the availability of the latest Media and Product Survey (MAPS) data, the most comprehensive brands and products research in South Africa. The MRF will be hosting a virtual webinar to introduce MAPS to the media, marketing and advertising industry on Thursday, 25 March 2021.

“This is the first iteration of the MAPS data that encompasses six months of data, July through to December 2020,” says CEO, Johann Koster. “Through MAPS, subscribers and their agencies will have access to some of the most comprehensive brand and product research, being able to track more than 1500 brands, including FMCG, appliances, retail and clothing outlets and fast food/casual dining categories to name a few.”

Not only does MAPS cover products and brands, but also includes intermedia comparisons and a host of consumer behaviour measures. The questionnaire has been modernised and re-engineered to marketer’s current needs, making it a big step-up from the old AMPS. There are several innovations in the new data such as insight into multi-platform behaviour and decision-making questions while the survey is geo-codable to enable a regional view of the data.

Some new metrics have also been included for the first time. These include details on stokvels – their participation, usage and profiles of the participants; liquor purchases – brands, outlets and consumption; malls – preferred malls and frequency of visits, brand loyalty and online purchase patterns. According to Koster, liquor consumption, particularly in the context of the pandemic makes for some very interesting reading!

MAPS 6 Months data introduction to the industry

Where:            Virtual Webinar – (Passcode: 274861)

Date:               Thusday, 25 March 2021

Time:               Webinar will start at 10:00

“The new survey and resulting data ushers in the return of insights and comparisons in a single timeframe across products, brands, media interaction and a host of consumer behaviour and beliefs,” concludes Koster. “We look forward to seeing everyone online on 25 March at 10:00 as we introduce the hottest research since, well, ever!”

For additional information on MAPS –

Social Media: Facebook –

LinkedIn –

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The BRC’s interim radio data available end March

Hot on the heels of last month’s announcement that the BRC (Broadcast Research Council) would be releasing interim radio data, surveyed by Ask Afrika, the marketing and communications industry can expect the first release of data to software bureaus by the end of March 2021.

“We’re extremely excited about the availability of this data, particularly given the previous lack of RAMS data due to Covid-19,” says BRC’s CEO Gary Whitaker. “Since Q1 2020 and our last data release, media consumption and listening habits have fluctuated and changed before settling into new radio, streaming and podcast listening behaviours and various data sources reflect this.”

The interim data will be delivered to third party providers Telmar and Arianna by the 31st March. “Both Telmar and Nielsen have been engaged ahead of the release and both have received the questionnaire, prelim data and data map,” says Whitaker. “This will assist them to start with prep-work for quick uploading of data once the final data is submitted.”

The second interim data release is expected in May 2021. Surveying will take place through a combination of face to face and online interviews which will deliver insights at a Total Radio listenership level. The assessment of the approach was completed in collaboration with, among others, the AMF (The Advertising Media Forum), a collective of media agencies and individuals including media strategists, planners, buyers and consultants.

“We have a plethora of research data coming out soon,” confirms Whitaker. “This includes the second iteration of the interim radio data and the new ‘future-ready’ Radio Audience Measurement Survey (RAMS) with Ipsos as early as the end of Q2 this year. Watch this space, 2021 is going to be a great year for media research!”

For more information on the BRC visit

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Josephine Buys appointed CEO of PRC

The Publisher Research Council (PRC) is delighted to announce that Josephine Buys has been appointed as its CEO. Josephine has a diverse and passionate career history in publishing and marketing, most recently growing and transforming the IAB SA as its inaugural CEO.

Josephine Buys, PRC CEO

The PRC has been conducting pioneering studies in the publishing space since 2016. Josephine will leverage the research and relationships built to date, to drive the company into a new phase of industry involvement, while Peter Langschmidt will continue to focus on the technical aspects of research to ensure it is as accurate a reflection of the reader universe as possible.

As a non-profit company conducting research on behalf of its members, the PRC has made great strides in conducting research that promotes the value of the written word versus listening or viewing. This appointment marks an exciting increase in resources, and an intention to add widespread value to the industry at large. A seasoned marketing and media professional, Josephine is the ideal candidate for the role.

“The PRC library is a rich repository of information that marketers, advertisers and media agencies can benefit from and I look forward to unlocking the value of our reading platforms, being consumed and trusted in a quality environment, to prove that reading is one of the most effective platforms to deliver a significant Return on Investment (ROI),” says Josephine.

“I have always been passionate about reading, whatever the channel. In my new capacity as CEO of the Publisher Research Council, I will be a champion of the written word in all forms.”

Executive Headhunter, Maha Deeb who introduced Josephine to the PRC says: “My brief was to identify someone who would be the voice of the PRC and an ambassador for the power of reading and recall. Media and communications thought leaders and senior executives who I spoke to about Josephine attested to her credibility, passion and drive.”

The PRC welcomes the insights and experience that Josephine brings to fulfil the mandate of the PRC which is to educate the marketplace and sell the inherent benefits and strengths of the written word.

Please visit the PRC’s website at

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Emerald Resort & Casino keeps local girls in school

Young female students face great challenges in terms of hygiene and sanitation at school. To assist, and as part of its main Corporate Social Initiative (CSI) project, Emerald Resort & Casino will be supplying 600 school girls with a year’s supply of sanitary towels.

“Our support for this initiative is based on statistics. Many girls in South Africa will miss on average four days of school every month, which translates to over a month a year, purely as a result of not being able to afford necessities like sanitary towels,” says Tanuja Gangabishun, Marketing Executive at Emerald Resort & Casino. “This means that they could possibly fall behind in class or even dropout of school altogether.

Directors Peter Ponoane and Dan Senekwala with Emerald Resort & Casino’s Tanuja Gangabishun

The lack of feminine hygiene products is an added challenge to pre-existing problems that lead to the high dropout rate of female students in primary and secondary schools.”

To date over 250 sanitary packs have already been distributed to Batloung Intermediary School, Tshirela Primary School, Dr Nhlapo Intermediary School  and Vukuzakhe Primary School. During the course 2017, a further 350 will be distributed to schools in the local Vaal area.

“It is important for the positive growth of education and our future that these girls stay in school, receive a proper education and to make the most of every day,” concludes Tanuja.

Should any companies in the Vaal area wish to assist with extending this project even further, they are welcome to make contact with me!”

Emerald Resort & Casino.

Tel:                              016 982 8000





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Get rewarded more at Emerald Resort & Casino

Emerald Resort & Casino has completely refreshed its loyalty programme Emerald Rewards, offering customers even more benefits than before. The programme is arguably the most rewarding loyalty offering in the Vaal, now providing users with a trendier look that is also more user-friendly.

“We listened to the feedback from our loyal guests and spent a lot of time finding out what our customers really wanted from a loyalty programme,” says Tanuja Gangabishun, Marketing Executive at Emerald Resort & Casino. “The resulting rebrand and benefits are a direct consequence of our customer’s feedback and we’ve therefore tailored the offering to suit our customer’s lifestyle and requirements.”

Loyalty benefits now include, but are not limited to; free tea and coffee for all playing cardholders – all day, every day; instant birthday rewards across all tiers; free access to Aquadome and Animal World; a newly introduced Hotel stay birthday benefit to Green cardholders; Caesars UK or Caesars US property visits for our Gold and Diamond cardholders have been added coupled with a new Liquid Lounge offer to Diamond cardholders.

Joining Emerald Rewards is absolutely free and is open to persons from 18 years of age and older, with three tiers of cards, namely Green, Gold and Diamond. Tier progression is based on points earned on slots and tables.

“Being part of Caesars International makes us the only casino that is able to offer benefits that include trips to Caesars UK and Caesars US properties,” says Tanuja. “We’re excited to be able to offer these great rewards to our loyal customers.”

Emerald Resort & Casino is a licensed gambling venue. Winners know when to stop. Only persons over 18 are permitted to gamble. National Problem Gambling Counseling Toll Free Helpline 0800 006 008.

Emerald Resort & Casino.

Tel:                              016 982 8000





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OOH advertising takes a giant stride forward

Cape Town and Johannesburg based media owner, Hubble, is Uber’s preferred in-vehicle interactive entertainment partner, providing real Return on Investment (ROI) through a unique Depth of Engagement.

As marketing and advertising budgets are becoming even more pressurised, brands are realising that reach and frequency – the traditional advertising metrics, are no longer the be-all and end-all. Rather, it’s having meaningful and deeper engagements with individual consumers that are becoming increasingly important.

“We have tapped into this global trend by enabling brands to have a deeper engagement with riders through our interactive in-vehicle entertainment touch screens in Uber vehicles,” says David Taitz, Commercial Director at Hubble.

Out of Home (OOH) advertising has always been considered a ‘one-to-many’ form of communication, but that’s no longer the case. In today’s world the consumer is looking for intimate engagement, with relevant information, at a time and place suited to them. Technology has provided Hubble with the opportunity to engage with these top-end consumers at a time when they are more relaxed and more receptive to a brand’s message.

The fully interactive advertising platform offers high quality video and interactive content in a captive environment with measurable ROI.

During a recent campaign, BMW ran video and interactive campaign elements to launch their all new 5-Series. Uber riders were treated to four different creative elements on an interactive touch screen, which included the opportunity for riders to configure the new 5-Series, culminating in an option to book a test drive.

Besides incredible interest shown in the campaign and the 15.1% interaction rate (compared to typical digital rates of less than 0.2%1), over 200 test drives were booked over a period of two months.

According to Alexander Baraka at BMW: “We immediately bought into the concept of interactive screens in Uber vehicles. The results far exceeded our expectations and we’re pleased to have been able to push through a significant number of quality leads to our Dealer Network.”

Statistics have shown the level of engagement on Hubble’s screens to be 75 times higher than traditional digital advertising and marketers have a variety of advertising options to choose from. These include category exclusive brand channels and sponsored content and flighted, TV styled adverts between entertainment content. Another unique aspect is that the user is always in control, virtually guaranteeing a positive experience from interested passengers.

“The ultimate end goal is to create real value for the Uber rider and provide advertisers with a communication platform that has real, and deep engagements with tech-savvy early adopters,” concludes Taitz.


Hubble DNA

Hubble provides an interactive marketing opportunity direct to Uber passengers with a measurable ROI. Hubble launched as Taxi Media Group in Uber vehicles in Cape Town in September 2016, followed shortly thereafter in Johannesburg.

Advertisers are able to create brand awareness campaigns, call-to-action promotions or share stories through branded content on an interactive platform offering an unparalleled depth of engagement.

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Caxton Local Media makes all the right moves into the digital space

Besides its extensive digital brand extensions for Caxton’s Local Newspapers, innovative technology platforms and strategic digital acquisitions, Caxton Digital has been growing their digital footprint through data collection, data management and programmatic advertising.

“We have been attracting more and more online users in the digital space steadily for the last three years,” says Nicole Rimbault, General Manager of Caxton Digital. “In fact, according to Effective Measure May 2017 statistics, Caxton Digital is the third largest South African digital publisher.”

Adding to the 78 local newspaper websites drawing north of 3.1 million users across all the sites, Caxton have provided innovation through their classifieds technology business, Hozi a division of Caxton Digital which has a unique offering.  The technology allows a publisher website to seamlessly integrate classifieds portals as a sub-domain into their environment with very little effort.

All Caxton newspaper sites now have integrated platforms that allow our users to search for property and business listings in their town, catalogues and much more to come. Further strategic acquisitions and partnerships include the likes of one of SA’s biggest female interest websites and Guzzle Media & Technology, a business offering online catalogue aggregation and technology for retailers.

A major piece of the digital puzzle for Caxton has been large investment into data collection and data management. Caxton has chosen to invest in the Oracle Bluekai Data Management Platform in order to collect high quality audiences across the entire group, including The Citizen, Local News Network, All4women, Ramsay Media, Caxton Magazines, Guzzle and Autodealer.  This data collection gives advertisers the opportunity to talk to people who have shown an interest in their product/service category. It provides a much more relevant and brand safe digital advertising opportunity.

Clients have access to the Caxton group’s entire network of sites through SPARK Media and via programmatic buying desks. The combination of a large interest based audience with rich data overlays becomes a powerful offering for advertisers and gives advertisers a brand safe environment, coupled with world class data collection technology.

“Not only have we been making huge strides into the digital space, it has been strategically correct moves that have benefitted our readers and advertisers,” concludes Rimbault. “Being the third largest publisher in South Africa with 5.2 million unique browsers clearly proves the point!”

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Hot Beatz Party – uniquely successful

The inaugural Hot Beatz indoor pool party held at Emerald Resort & Casino’s popular  water park Aquadome with celebrity DJs Roger Goode; Twins on Decks; Classic Tank and friends was a huge success. The party attracted many local and Johannesburg based people, partying the night away in a unique environment.

“The party was a huge hit, everyone loved the refreshed Aquadome look, and DJs Roger Goode and Twins on Decks and co really ‘wowed’ the crowd,” says Emerald Resort & Casino’s Marketing Executive, Tanuja Gangabishun. “The incredible new features received such good feedback from media, party-goers and guests while event promoters loved the idea of using Aquadome for unique corporate and private functions.”

The transformation between daytime pool fun and children’s squeals of delight to night-time rocking party venue was incredible and can only be experienced. The distinctly tropical atmosphere at the climate controlled Aquadome being the perfect antidote to the cold winter Vaal evening as guests partied till the small hours of the morning.

Overheard during the party and comments on the Emerald Resort & Casino social media pages included, “so much fun was had”, “What a pool party! We didn’t feel any cold, thank you”, “when are you doing it again?”, “Its crazi lit”, “Yoh – it’s crazy too epic” and “it’s brilliant that we can hire out this the uber-cool venue, I now have a great idea for my next party”.

“Our vision to provide our guests with an innovative, safe and alternative party venue has really paid off. All of our accommodation was sold out on the night as visitors took the opportunity to stay over and enjoy a relaxing post party day.

I think that we have firmly placed Aquadome on the map as an event venue with a difference,” concludes Gangabishun. “We look forward to next month’s party. The guest DJ’s will be announced soon, but like Roger Goode and Twins on Decks, party-goers will not be disappointed.”

Emerald Resort & Casino.

Tel:                              016 982 8000



Twitter:                        @emerald_resort

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