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The human face of mentorship, training and motivation in a pandemic

Claire Herman, Media Operations Lead at The MediaShop

It is customary to move into a new year with optimism and a heightened level of energy and excitement, but as we move more into 2021 we are reminded of the lesson that 2020 taught us so well – the only constant in life is change, and that we need to adapt and be flexible if we are going to thrive in this new world that we find ourselves in.

More and more companies are continuing to work remotely and I can’t imagine what it must be like to start a new job during these trying times, especially a first-time job… How do you feel welcome in such a distant and remote environment and how are you going to learn and grow to your fullest potential? For existing team members, how do we keep morale and optimism high so that we can continue to better ourselves and progress?

There is no doubt that technology has been the enabler in all of this, allowing us to carry on “business as usual” and giving us amazing platforms to engage, interact and learn in the process. But online fatigue is real, and especially in such a socially-driven industry as advertising, we need to acknowledge that we aren’t in this alone. There is something to be said about not forgetting the human side of things in all the madness, so when looking at mentorship, training and motivation there are three human layers that we can tap into – our leaders, our teams and ourselves. If we are going to achieve our best potential, we need to leverage off this human ecosystem.

The evolving role of leadership

We all know the common traits of good leaders – charisma, vision, influence, passion, confidence, accountability, honesty, the list goes on. But now more than ever we need our leaders to be agile, inspirational, empathetic and engaged. Agility speaks to speed and flexibility, knowing how to adapt and change to stay ahead of the curve – within days of Covid-19 hitting in March 2020 our teams were all set up and ready to work from home, and a new work reality was reimagined.

Along the way we have also had many team members having to deal with sickness and loss of family, friends and colleagues, as well as depression from being isolated and alone – being there to listen and to offer support, whether personally or in the form of providing access to councillors, has helped enormously and demonstrated sincere care for teams and employees. But most importantly, leaders need to regularly engage with all employees, from the very senior to the very junior, being accessible, communicating regularly, and providing forums to interact in a positive and motivating way.

The power of the team

A lot can be said for the power of the collective team – the sense of belonging it brings can be very powerful and that is why developing and nurturing team identity and togetherness is essential. Building on values such as support, connections and inspiration can only build the team up, and when the team does well, spirits are lifted and motivation increases.

It is also important to leverage off each other’s strengths and cultivate a team culture of sharing and learning. I often say that the most valuable training I ever received was on the job as opposed to formal courses and training programmes. Identifying “champions” that can mentor the more junior team members is invaluable – firstly, it gives the champions a sense of purpose and pride in being able to transfer their skills and knowledge, plus it helps to grow good leaders of the future. Secondly, it gives the junior team members priceless experience and helps them feel like valued members that make real contributions.

And yes, it is important to connect regularly. I’m not just talking about work, but also talk about what’s going on in our lives – bringing humanness back and creating a safe space to learn, grow and build each other up.

Self-motivation becoming an integral part of our DNA

The first step is ensuring that you are mentally in the right frame of mind, otherwise you won’t be able to function, let alone grow and thrive. The second step is to ensure you have good work-life balance, which is particularly difficult in the work from home environment, so a conscientious effort needs to be made.

Then you need to really and truly want to do better and be the best you can be. This takes proactivity and taking an active role in your development. It also requires a keen sense of curiosity and not being afraid to ask questions, work hard at finding the answers and getting your hands dirty by practicing while you learn new skills. Lastly, it takes optimism and courage – stay positive and be brave, and you will see the rewards.

So, as we contemplate what lies ahead we need to look to our leaders for clarity, guidance and inspiration, and hold them accountable for their role in our development. We need to integrate fully with our teams and play an active role in this world of give and take. And we need to hold ourselves accountable for our own career development and work satisfaction.

Wishing you all a productive, inspiring and happy 2021!

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Meta Media turns two!

Happy second birthday, Meta Media! This “curious” cultured, #SoWhat driven, full-service media agency opened their Johannesburg office doors in January 2019 and Cape Town in February 2019 and have flourished ever since.

“Over the past two years we have continuously proved that we are the “so what” agency, consistently looking for the insights behind the data and the story behind the story,” says Kagiso Musi, Group Managing Director at Meta Media. “The agency has gone through an incredible journey over the past two years, including that year that shall not be named.”

In the very first year of operation and quite remarkably beating out many other large agencies that have been in business for decades, Meta Media placed top three at the 2019 MOST Awards in not one but two categories, namely Full-Service Media Agency of the Year 2019 and Overall Media Agency of the Year 2019. In 2020, yet more awards when two Assegai Awards were received for integrated marketing campaigns that delivered exceptional results.

Quanita Salie, Cape Town Media Director says,” Happy birthday to us!  It’s been a great two years working with a fantastic team, clients and media partners.  I look forward to many more successful years with everyone.”

“I cannot believe that it’s been two years already,” says Richard Lord, Johannesburg Media & Operations Director. “Happy birthday to us! We look forward to many more years of giving our clients the edge and providing them with real solutions based on real insights.”

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank our valuable clients, or as we prefer to think about them – partners, our incredibly talented Meta Media team, both in Cape Town and Johannesburg and every single media owner that we have worked side by side with, creating innovative and engaging media strategies and plans,” concludes Musi. “This is our village! They say it takes a village to raise a child and because of our ‘village’, Meta Media has grown up to be a media force to be reckoned with in South Africa!”

Meta Media DNA

Meta Media is South Africa’s newest full-service media agency and member of the IPG global network and Nahana Communications Group of specialist agencies, each with their own independent structures, cultures and management teams and a desire to work together where synergy exists. Borne in an era of data and technology, and built on the premise of creating the agency of the future, Meta Media provides solutions based on data and real insights to give its clients an advantage. They look beyond the numbers for the story behind the story. They stay curious!

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The BRC announces interim data for RAMS

Due to the impact of the international COVID-19 pandemic, many industries have been negatively affected and South Africa’s radio currency has been no exception. To alleviate the pressure of no radio data being available, and to get a comprehensive update on the industry the BRC has commissioned research experts, Ask Afrika, to implement an interim radio data study.

 As the pandemic hit and Level 5 lockdown ensued there was no doubt that radio stations in South Africa would see fluctuations in audience data. A huge disruptor being the changes to people’s daily routines and habits. Consumers were no longer commuting to and from work, working hours were altered by home schooling, family life, restrictions on movement, social interactions and the like.

“These shifts in routines and habits have led to massive changes in media consumption, mainly, increases in listening and viewing habits,” says Gary Whitaker, CEO at The Broadcast Research Council (BRC) of South Africa.

Another implication is that the radio research currency was negatively impacted. “As the makeup of the current underlying research methodology involves face-to-face interaction, namely, interviewing respondents for RAMS (Radio Audience Measurement), we were unable to provide data in Q2, Q3 and Q4 of 2020 to demonstrate these irregular times and differences in listenership audiences,” says Whitaker.

According to Sarina de Beer, Managing Director at Ask Afrika, Lockdown has changed consumer psyche and behaviour considerably, which naturally includes how we consume media. These changes did not find its onset during Lockdown however, but these restrictions have added its own layer of complexity to radio consumption.

“The focus of the interim measure will be to support the industry to gain a deeper understanding of just how radio consumption has changed over time. As an essential asset we need to leverage the opportunity as one of the most trusted media sources over time,” confirms de Beer. “I believe that a fresh and deep understanding will enable just that!”

The only RAMS data currently available to the industry is Q1 2020 data and the world has gone through immense changes since then. To supplement this data, two interim sets of radio data will be released at the end of March and May 2021. Surveying will take place through a combination of face to face and online interviews which will deliver insights at a Total Radio listenership level. The assessment of the approach was completed in collaboration with, among others, the AMF (The Advertising Media Forum), a collective of media agencies and individuals including media strategists, planners, buyers and consultants.

While these two radio data sets are exactly that – interim data – the Lockdown regulations have highlighted a clear need for the Listenership currency to be futureproofed. Face to face methods and manual seven-day diaries will soon be a thing of the past. “We are looking forward to revealing the way forward – how Listenership will be measured in South Africa following international best practices as soon as the second quarter of 2021,” concludes Whitaker.

Please visit the BRC’s website at:

The Broadcast Research Council of South Africa DNA

The Broadcast Research Council of South Africa (BRC), established in 2015, chief role is to commission and oversee the delivery of radio and television audience measurement research for broadcasters and the advertising and marketing industry.

Issued on behalf of:                            The Broadcast Research Council of South Africa (BRC)

Gary Whitaker, CEO

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The Fashion Hero offers local brands global exposure

This year when Spice Girl Mel B hits our shores to host and begin filming for the diversity inclusive reality TV show The Fashion Hero, four headline brands will have the opportunity for global exposure.

 Gail Hoffman Parrish of G2 Connection, the integrated marketing agency managing all brand immersion for the ten-episode 60-minute reality programme says that The Fashion Hero is a ground-breaking series with no age limit, incorporating contestants from all over the world – all ethnicities, genders, shapes and sizes.

The Fashion Hero will suit brands in the tourism, alcohol, fashion, mobile, beauty, telco, sports apparel, health, skin care, fragrance, beverages and finance categories,” says Gail. “Brands will get to work with all contestants from the beginning and secretly select their favourite before mentoring them as a future brand ambassador. Brands will also get to work with the contestants during the challenges, both on- and off-camera.”

In addition, participating brands will also be on The Fashion Hero’s judging panel.

“We have a team of 40 international influencers who reach millions of people and promote The Fashion Hero TV series and website on their platforms. If each influencer has even half their followers share our content, the reach is nearing 100 million people from all around the world,” says Gail. “The 32 contestants will be mentored by internationally recognised Social Media Influencers from all over the world (including South Africa), who are champions of diversity themselves.”

The first season of The Fashion Hero aired in over 160 territories worldwide, had over a million fans on Facebook and received 30 million visits to the website. “We’re expecting even bigger numbers for the second season,” she says. “That’s a lot of opportunity waiting to happen!”

Whatever your communication and media strategy is, there is a suitable fit within the show! If you would like to be a part of this extrodinary journey please contact Gail Hoffman Parrish at

 G2 Connection DNA

We connect brands to strategic, aligned communication opportunities to amplify and reinforce the creative brand message. G2 partners with leading production companies whose track record is well established in executing both quality international formats and local content for all broadcasters, including Africa. We complete our solutions offering through partnerships with highly respected PR agencies, specialist digital and mobile companies as well as all ATL media.

Issued on behalf of:                   G2 Connection

Virginia Hollis

Gail Parrish


Facebook: G2 Connection

LinkedIn: G2 Connection


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Find your Fortune is back at Emerald!

Emerald Resort & Casino’s latest large scale casino promotion – Find your Fortune – is up and running and this time promises even more winners in 2021.

“Our latest casino promotion gives players the opportunity to compete for prizes valued at over R1.4 million in cars, cash and Freeplay, which includes a fantastic Toyota Fortuner and the recently released Toyota Starlet,” says Tanuja Gangabishun, Marketing Executive at Emerald Resort & Casino.

“The concept is exceptionally easy; earn points when playing both Slots and Tables weekly and earn tickets for the Wednesday weekly draws. Due to Covid-19 and curfew restrictions, draws will once again be virtual at 7PM with ticket issuing closing at 6PM.”

The promotion will have a total of ten weekly draws, every Wednesday, with final car draws on 31 March 2021 and will be available on online platforms for live view. All regulated social distancing measures will be adhered to.

The promotion is open to Emerald Rewards cardholders only. Sign up to the Rewards programme is free.  For more information contact 016 982 8189/90 or visit the Emerald Resort & Casino Rewards Desk.

View all of the Health and Safety regulations* on the Emerald Resort & Casino website at

For all other up to date information visitors are encouraged to stay close to the Resort’s Facebook and Twitter pages, or guests can visit for more information on any of the events mentioned here.


Emerald Resort & Casino is a licensed gambling venue. Winners know when to stop. Only persons over 18 are permitted to gamble. National Problem Gambling Counselling Toll Free Helpline 0800 006 008.

Emerald Resort & Casino.

Tel:                              016 982 8000





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The importance of optimism in 2021

Chris Botha, Group Managing Director, Park Advertising

Firstly, to all our staff, clients and media owner partners – HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here’s hoping that 2021 will be a really special one.

One of my favourite things to do over my December break is to read. This is when I have enough time to really relax and let the magic of books carry me away. During this holiday I read the biography of Bob Iger – the CEO of the Disney Corporation. The book is entitled Ride of a Lifetime and I would highly recommend it.

The book touches on Iger’s influence in acquiring Pixar, Lucasfilm, and the Marvel Franchise. But is it something else that really grabbed my attention. One of the topics that Iger stresses is the importance of optimism in difficult circumstances.

Difficult circumstances? Boy do we all know a thing or two about this. I would imagine we all had a rough 2020. And 2021 is not kicking off much better. But how important is an optimistic attitude in getting the wheels turning again?

A psychology expert says that optimistic people are more likely to invest, act and put effort into achieving whatever it is that they want to achieve. “High optimism will predict high effort and success,” she says.

Iger talks extensively about the importance of optimism amongst leaders. I must be honest; this was something I failed at in 2020. Honestly, on numerous occasions, I did let the pressure and chaos from COVID get to me, resulting in me projecting a negative attitude both internally and externally.

If as a leader of a business you don’t lead with optimism how do you expect your team to be optimistic? By being pessimistic, you give your team licence to be down in the dumps and conservative in their approach. Your attitude rubs off on those around you.

The opposite is also true. When you are optimistic, you are more likely to invest, more likely to take a chance and to think creatively. Harvard University in the USA, has completed various studies on the impact of optimism on health, long term survival, and success. No guesses what the results are – the more optimistic you are, the better your chances of getting cured, succeeding in business and yes, surviving in the long term.

But optimism in 2021 needs perspective. What I am NOT talking about here is ignoring the realities around us. God knows that is almost impossible to do. I am not professing a “moonshine and roses approach”. It’s about keeping an optimistic attitude in spite of what is going on around us. Rolling with the punches, but having an attitude of advancement.

Every year I write a “motto” on my wall in my office. At the beginning of last year, I wrote “What’s Next” in big black bold letters. Inspiration to keep pushing, to see what’s coming and to create your own future. But without a sense of optimism – “What’s Next” is – “more trouble, more problems, and more challenges”. But with a sense of optimism “What’s Next” gains some meat. It gains some perspective about what is going on.

So in 2021 I wrote “Go do it”. Too many great ideas are buried under a sea of pessimism. In 2020 this was sooooooooo easy to do. I am hoping that with a realistic optimistic attitude – we will all “Go do it” and force the change.

So, here’s to 2021. Guaranteed it will bring challenges. But I hope you will join me in having an optimistic attitude about what we can achieve this year. As Helen Keller famously said – “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”

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Steve Harvey returns to South Africa to host Season 2 of Family Feud SA

On Sunday 5th April last year, launched the first episode of the 26-episode series of Family Feud South Africa. The Family Feud format has been an instant success in SA with an average of over 2.1 million viewers (age 15+) every Sunday between 18h00-19h00. Now, the series returns for a second season in 2021.

G2 Connection is the official integrated marketing agency managing all brand immersion for Family Feud South Africa. Co-founder Gail Hoffman Parrish says that although KFC has taken the coveted headline sponsor spot, there are still many opportunities for brands to get involved.

“Last year, the show averaged over 2.1 million viewers per week among audiences, with the show actually influencing a change in viewership patterns over the timeslot it ran on, increasing the audience by one million people over the first broadcast,” says Gail.

During its first season, award-winning entertainer and host of Family Feud South Africa, Steve Harvey, kept a close eye on the viewership numbers and was delighted to see how the South African audience took to Family Feud SA and the overall success of the show.

Suhayl Limbada, Marketing Director at KFC said that during lockdown, people were looking for shows that would entertain the whole family and Family Feud delivered exactly that. “We are delighted that we will be continuing this partnership on such a popular gameshow and look forward to Season 2 once again bringing the best family entertainment to African shores. KFC is renowned for bringing families together over buckets of chicken and this partnership is a natural extension of that – after all what’s better than great food coupled with great entertainment.”

The local South African producers, Rapid Blue, have put together strict COVID safety protocols to ensure the safety of Mr Steve Harvey, contestants and crew for the production and filming of the second season.

Entries for Season 2 are now open, to enter please go to the website where all terms and conditions are detailed. Entries must be completed online and those who are deemed successful will be contacted for online auditions.

In Season 1 the answers from some of the contestants were hysterical, but when it comes to funny man Steve Harvey trying to pronounce some of our names and then trying to come to grips with our South Africanism, it’s even funnier. Steve Harvey has admitted that he has loved learning about South African diversity and uniqueness and is looking forward to being back on African soil this year. is currently flighting a rerun of Season 1 and are looking to flight Season 2 in April 2021.

Facebook: Family Feud Africa

Instagram: @FamilyFeudAfrica

Twitter: @FeudAfrica

About Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey is an Emmy® Award-winning entertainer, radio personality, motivational speaker, New York Times best-selling author, businessman and philanthropist.

Steve Harvey formed Steve Harvey Global (SHG) in 2017, to consolidate and expand his vast business and media interests. Steve Harvey Global is focused on creating and delivering entertaining, powerful and motivational content, products and experiences to inspire audiences around the world.

The Family Feud Africa business deal was negotiated and executed by FremantleMedia Ltd. Senior Vice President Anahita Kheder, and by Steve Harvey Global Chief Operating Officer and Chief Legal Officer, Brandon R. Williams.









For Family Feud South Africa media assistance, contact Karabo Sethusha on +27 72 820 8035 or email:

For media assistance, contact Lerato Maboi on 084 089 3244 or email:

For Steve Harvey Global, contact Galit Shokrian and or call

+1 424 317 6976.


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Emerald surprises over 200 orphans in the Vaal!

This past week Emerald Resort & Casino hosted over 200 youngsters from orphanages across the Vaal and surprised them with a Christmas party at Aquadome while also taking the opportunity to donate a new pair of school shoes to each child.

“This year in particular has affected us all deeply in some way or another, but there are those that have been impacted even more harshly, none more so than orphaned Vaal children,” says Gloria Mokoana, Learning & Development Manager at Emerald Resort & Casino. “Not only do these kids deserve to get spoiled every so often, but it is important to ensure that they do not feel left out when returning to school next year!”

To make their year just that little bit more bearable, Emerald Resort & Casino hosted a Christmas party for over 200 of these underprivileged kids from local orphanages based in Vanderbijlpark, Bophelong, Sebokeng and Sharpville at the Resort’s popular indoor waterpark – the Aquadome. Orphanages included Lochvaal Emfuleni, Relebohile Children’s Home, Bophelong Children’s home, Haemona Childrens Home, Matwala Children’s Home, Childline, Good Hope Care Centre and VGSA.

Which child does not love to swim and play in the pool? At Aquadome, no matter their ability, the kids were spoilt for choice, water slides past an old ship wreck, a long slow drift in the lazy river and the shallow pools. At the party, and looked after by some amazing lifeguards and the Emerald team, the kids were spoiled with lunch, swimming and time on the jumping castles before each child was presented with a brand-new pair of school shoes.

“It was a special time to see their faces light up and really enjoying themselves at Aquadome,” concludes Gloria. “Many people take the small necessities, like shoes, and just being able to play in a safe environment for granted and we were pleased to able to bring some Christmas cheer to the kids.”

View all of the Health and Safety regulations* on the Emerald Resort & Casino website at

For all other up to date information visitors are encouraged to stay close to their Facebook and Twitter pages, or guests can visit for more information on any of the events mentioned here.


Emerald Resort & Casino.

Tel:                              016 982 8000





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Twitter Fleets, is Twitter giving us EVERYTHING except the edit button?

Reflwe Mangweta, Digital Campaign Manager at The MediaShop

Twitter has recently launched its version of Facebook and Instagram Stories called Fleets. As with all Stories, these disappear after a 24-hour exposure period so Twitter isn’t offering anything different on that front.


As someone who engages a lot on social media platforms, I noticed how my own patterns of consuming social media changed before lockdown – Instagram was my number one go-to! Then everyone was locked in their houses and, let’s be honest, there’s only so many pictures you can show of your house and selfies you can post so Instagram content became a bit dry. I switched and became more active on Twitter for the quick updates about everything news, reactions to world events, and to amuse myself in the shady streets of black Twitter. If I heard a rumour or something interesting my go to to verify this information is on Twitter first.

With the introduction of Fleets, many Twitter users feel that the platform is trying to conform to every other social media offering. Fleets is also on the back of Twitter having launched its audio feature allowing people to tweet in their voice, which could be argued as similar to WhatsApp’s voice note function. For brands, Twitter has also launched Carousels to help marketers reach new audiences and drive people to their website or app through multiple images or videos. This allows marketers to share a brand story, show off different products or highlight specific features – all within a single ad.


The reactions to Fleets have been true to Twitter form with people complaining that the platform isn’t unique anymore. Users are also consistently mentioning how Twitter continues to give us everything except the edit button! If you’re an active Twitter user, you understand the frustration of not being able to go back and change that dreaded spelling mistake on your tweet after you have published it. Others who, like me, enjoy Instagram are asking if they should keep Instagram seeing as though Twitter is offering them all that they have on Instagram and then some. Twitter is a very conversational platform and now with the addition of the imagery and audio function I think that many people may revert to an either-or situation.


So, what does this mean for brands?


Twitter may have also seen consumer behaviour changes during this pandemic and is now catering to a broader market, particularly when it comes to brands. The combination of Carousels and Fleets means that brands run some really cool campaigns, and that Fleets paired with great imagery and short-form video content can result in great brand awareness and engagement. The Fleets can be used nicely to launch new products by running teasers and then later a big reveal. They can also be great for a brand that is rebranding. In a nutshell, the Twitter space for brands is opening up nicely and challenging marketing teams to come up with some really great and innovative content to reach the wide audience Twitter has available.

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More drama as another local soapie gets canned!

Isabel Smit, Implementation Planner at The MediaShop

We all love a good drama.  Following our favourite characters, seeing them grow, falling in love and witnessing the newly created love triangles.  Discussing or more accurately, arguing with your friends and fellow soap lovers on how the latest plot will end.

Well, in line with the 2020 plot, here’s another surprise!  On the 16th of July 2021, one of the most popular and highest ranking TV shows’ plot will come to an end.  After 13 seasons, with the first episode that aired on the 9th of July 2007, Rhythm City’s last episode will be aired on

Not the plot twist we saw coming, or did we?

With the TV channels fighting to keep the audience’s attention, creative storytelling and new ideas are more important than ever.  We all know the phrase local is lekker and over the past few years, local TV productions have performed really well.  Not only do they fulfil language requirements but they also have to inspire and entertain jaded audiences.  Customers are more demanding and diversity of choice is reshaping the local drama and soapie categories. According to Futurefact 2019, 86% of South African adults agree that they “like to watch TV programmes where our social and cultural issues are part of the story”.  This is evident in the Top 20 programmes where 90% are locally produced shows.

It is important that producers and channels get local content and mandates right.  The SABC for example, have to serve both a public broadcasting service and a public commercial service mandate.  ICASA sets local content quotas of 55% for the public broadcast channels (SABC1 and 2) and 35% for the public commercial service (SABC3).  The SABC Annual Report of 2019 shows that all three channels exceeded the local content requirements.

Quality content is key, shows need to be able to continuously inspire and connect with the viewer. Audience ratings is probably the most basic test to a programme’s success.  Good ratings in turn draws advertising revenue.

Take Uzalo for example;  the most popular drama on SABC 1 with a viewership of 11.4 million people in April down to 8.8 million in October.  The producers of this show were told to come up with a more creative story line or stand the risk of being canned after it was criticized for being “boring”.  This seems like a Generations 2.0 scenario.

What started off as a three-month contract, Rhythm City has accumulated millions of viewers over the past 13 years and peaked at almost six million viewers in 2020.  As a local production, no doubt the impact will be felt on your TV plans, with one spot accounting for over 9% reach against an All Adults audience. It is consistently ranked in the Top 10 most-watched prime time soap operas in the country.

The show has taken us from a four roomed home, following the Generos and the Ndlovu empires in the entertainment space. Moving between the townships and the suburbs, filled with industry conflicts, backstabbing, love and pain, good and evil to winning the Best TV Soap award at the 2020’s Saftas. has given no specific reason for the cancellation, other than “part of a business strategy”.  Audience numbers were expected to increase over the lockdown period, but the numbers have gradually reduced back to almost 4mil.  This opens up the speculation as to why the show is being cancelled. Their managing director, Marlon Davids, said in a statement that “ continues to look forward to fulfilling its mandate of producing exceptional and relevant local content”.

What we do know is that it will be replaced with another locally produced show. Given the revenue that has gained for Rhythm City in advertising spend in October alone (over R35mill), we can expect that it must be something that they believe will drive not only viewership but also increased revenue. We will watch this space…

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