Publicity and Communications
Content Generation
Reputation Management
Social Media Management
Media Relations
Strategic Objectives

Media Relations

We provide strategic advice relating to all aspects of communication and your business. We have great relationships with the advertising trade and business media and can tackle most genres of publicity.

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Generate Content

For maximum exposure, regular, newsworthy and interesting press releases, comments on topical issues, thought leadership pieces etc are essential, and these should be accompanied by top quality visuals and video where required.

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Social Media

- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pintrest, You Tube and Instagram posting and maintenance <br> - Online Reputation Management – managing and responding to criticisms or negative feedback<br> - Proactive content management <br> - Facebook advertising and competition generation with competition reporting<br> - Creation of Facebook applications which can be linked to lead generation and database growth

The Publisher Research Council (PRC) gears up for a busy year

The Publisher Research Council (PRC) was created to meet the needs of fast changing reading behaviour across both traditional and digital reading platforms and to provide an innovative “Gold Standard” Reader Audience Measurement founded on global and local best practice, expertise and resources. The PRC is a not for profit company that represents the interests […]

The new consumer currency is here

The new consumer currency is here, says Katharine Liese, Business Unit Manager at The MediaShop Consumer behaviour is changing – and fast! Gone are the days of consumers spending hours and weeks researching options. Decisions are being made in moments – micro-moments in fact. These micro-moments are intent-driven moments of decision making that shape preferences. […]

I could have danced all night

More than a year has passed since the launch of SPARK Media. Remember the SPARK Media dance-off, aptly named Strategically Come Dancing?  Contestants, supporters, partners and friends reminisce and remember the evening fondly. “Who can believe that our fantastic launch happened well over a year ago,” says Gill Randall, Joint CEO of SPARK Media. “People […]

Digital Briefcase strikes marketing trifecta with website

Digital Briefcase, a division of the national media sales powerhouse SPARK Media, recently assisted in the design and implementation of the  website and in the process were able to not only showcase their digital and creative work to an international audience, but also support local environmental education through the Kirstenbosch Environmental Educational Appeal. “As […]

Buy-Buy Brand Loyalty

If you’re a marketer and believe that your brand has 100% loyal consumers, you are sadly mistaken. This is according to SPARK Media and data backed by Caxton’s urban community survey, ROOTS 2016, the largest quantitative survey of its kind in South Africa.  “We know from our affiliation and close dealings with marketing scientists at […]

Is your number one focus on sales? You’re doing it wrong.

There’s one thing that keeps consumers coming back to your brand and that’s whether they have a good experience and interaction with the service or product in question. For repeat business, talkability and real brand salience, marketers need to be focused one thing – the consumer experience. After just completing the 2016 Sani2c I’ve had […]

We’ve got an app for that…

Avtaar Mohanlall, Digital Media Strategist at The MediaShop says that there will always be a place for brands and people to innovate. At the moment it’s all about the App! Big ones, small ones, clever ones and some that don’t seem to have a point. While some companies tweak existing apps, others innovate and build […]

SPARK Media launches Print Fashion Week!

SPARK Media is declaring war on anyone who says that print is boring by proclaiming that the 5th – 9th September was Print Fashion Week! “Saying that print is dead is like saying that no-one’s wearing sexy Chanel jackets anymore,” says Justine Williams, SPARK Media’s Strategic Sales & Marketing Director. “In fact, this season it’s […]

Jason Goliath represents for SPARK Media

 SPARK Media teamed up with comedian, actor and MC Jason Goliath and gave him the most unusual brief – to share media research at Mindshare’s Huddle initiative. The Huddle provides media owners with an opportunity to engage directly with Mindshare’s teams and clients with the purpose of showcasing their services and strengths but in an […]

SPARK Media celebrates its 1st birthday

One year ago NAB, Caxton’s local newspaper’s national advertising sales company, and Habari Media, specialists in digital sales, joined forces to form SPARK Media as a brand new media sales powerhouse. One year down the line the company has reinforced its core business as experts in localised retail marketing.  “We have over the past year […]