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Look for the positivity throughout 2019…

Gareth Grant, Business Unit Director at The MediaShop challenges us to lose negativity And just like that it’s 2019! The festive season decorations have been packed away and the Easter eggs have already found a new home on the impulse purchase shelves, making resolutions for the New Year that much harder to adhere to. But […]

Why the wall?

Chris Botha, Group Managing Director of Park Advertising says that the future will be built by Wall Breakers, not Builders There is something about Donald Trump that I admire. I don’t agree with some of his political views but what the man has done for social media and entertainment around the US Presidency, is well, […]

The Frog in the Pot

Chris Botha, Group Managing Director of Park Advertising says that the advertising industry is remaining stagnant in some areas and that this will negatively impact us all. A famously made meal in the beautiful country of France is “Cuisses de Grenouilles” or Frog’s Legs. Seasoned in flour and then sautéed in butter and olive oil […]

Print is dying and Radio is next!

Now that was dramatic! OK, maybe I should change the header to “Radio as we know it is dying” says Marino Sigalas from The MediaShop. That’s because just like when the internet crawled out of a nerd’s basement and slowly ate newspapers and magazines, replacing them with online news services, blogs, Twitter and a thousand Russian […]

Looking up towards 2019…

Gareth Grant, Business Unit Manager at The MediaShop says that we’re looking at our smartphones every 12 minutes, but is it making us smarter? In today’s hyper connected ‘smart’ world, we find ourselves operating at an increasing and ever demanding pace. To help facilitate this are the likes of laptops, smartphones, Google, YouTube, smart watches, […]

On trimming your dog’s nails, heart rate monitors and captivating advertising

Craig Wallis, Business Unit Manager at The MediaShop We are all aware of the fact that we get bombarded with hundreds of advertisements every day courtesy of our exposure to numerous media. Just this morning I was on Pinterest reading a post on, “How to trim your dog’s nails.” (Yup, a real first world issue). […]

On Comic Con, YouTubers and the business of gaming

Jarred Mailer-Lyons Digital Media Strategist at The MediaShop investigates how 8 million gaming South Africans spend their time. I recently attended the Business of Gaming Forum (BOGF) in association with Comic Con South Africa, which hosted over 40,000 fans of comic related superheroes, sidekicks and villains. Comic Con SA featured a large range of pop […]

Brands are so much more than just a logo

Jedd Cokayne, Business Unit Manager at The MediaShop. As consumers start to think about their Christmas purchases and where they’re going to find the additional money to buy those presents the kids wrote to Father Christmas about, retailers start to realise that this is their last ditch effort to make target for the year. That […]

Evolution of a Goldfish

  Sean Sullivan – Business Unit Manager at The MediaShop. Attention spans are not shrinking, rather they are evolving to be more selective, according to new research. If someone invited you to watch a day-long movie you’d probably be pretty quick to decline. It’s hard to imagine dedicating brainspace to a single thing for so long, […]

The Generation Gap – Who Is Who?

Belinda Kayton, Media Strategist at The MediaShop looks at the differences between Xers and Millennials and highlights quite a few differences I often get asked “Who is Gen X?” and “What is the difference between a Millennial and a Gen X?” I find that there is a lot of confusion as to which generation is […]