The MediaShop retains Famous Brands

Incumbent media agency for Famous Brands, The MediaShop, has retained Africa’s largest branded food service franchisor account after a hotly contested pitch process was concluded. “The MediaShop initially won the Famous Brands business in 2011 and we are grateful that our strategic thinking and unique consumer insights in both traditional and digital media gave us […]

The MediaShop to host OOH workshop for SMMEs

As part of The MediaShop’s ongoing engagements with media owners and partners, the agency is hosting an Out of Home (OOH) workshop on Thursday 7 September at the Bryanston Country Club. Specifically, the purpose of this workshop is to interact with SMMEs within the Out of Home sector to discuss the state of the OOH […]

Gareth Grant joins The MediaShop

The MediaShop’s Johannesburg MD, Kgaugelo Maphai, has announced the appointment of Gareth Grant as Business Unit Manager to head up the Nedbank account.  “We’re delighted to have Gareth on board and we’re already seeing the positive impact and attitude he has been displaying in the few short days since he’s been with the team,” says […]

The MediaShop talks upcoming media trends

Future Media Trends The Media Crystal Ball: Sean Sullivan – Business Unit Manager at The MediaShop Futurists like Ray Kurzweil, author of “The Singularity is Near”, have always fascinated me with their sci-fi predictions for humankind, so much so that I thought we’d explore 10 themes that are shaping the media platforms of tomorrow. Let’s contemplate […]

Cultural appreciation starts with every one of us

South Africa’s vastly divergent make up of cultures means that we cannot assume to know everything about our fellow South Africans. By learning more about each other, we evoke a greater sense of peer to peer understanding, more beneficial communication and we can collect vital insights into different cultures. These insights can be used not […]

Do it once more with meaning!

Do it once more with meaning says Maggie Pronto, Media Strategist at The MediaShop We’ve heard it all before: “our consumers are distracted”; “they are multi screening”; “there is too much clutter”; “ad avoidance is on the rise”. Yes of course it’s all true but what are we as the advertising industry doing to change […]

Google’s new algorithm, lets call it Fred

Jarred Mailer-Lyons, Digital Media Strategist at The MediaShop Every year, Google changes its search algorithm around 600 times. While most of these changes are insignificant to advertisers and brands, occasionally there are major algorithmic updates that rock the industry. These changes can be potential game changers for brands and also significantly impact a site’s rankings. […]

Digital monopolies and the global economies that are benefitting

Speaking of Digital Monopolies Chris Botha: Group MD of The MediaShop   The South African lexicon and news has been filled with a bunch of new phrases over the past few years. These include “monopolies”, “foreign capital” and “local first” which are all “symptoms” of a consumer market kicking back against what appears to be […]

Driverless cars and OOH

Driverless Cars: The Death Knell for Roadside Billboards? Craig Wallis, Business Unit Director at The MediaShop   I was recently provided with an interesting report by the US law firm, Venable LLP, entitled “The Future of OOH in a Self-Driving America“. Being in the OOH industry, I thought it would make for an interesting read, […]

It’s Squeaky Bum Time for South Africa

Jedd Cokayne, Business Unit Manager for The MediaShop Junk Status. Two words that evoke a generally negative emotional response in every adult South African, but what can brands do to stay ahead? It’s landed, just like that irritating aunt at family gatherings! You’ve tried your best to ignore it in the hope that she wouldn’t […]