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Don’t be so hard on yourself, South Africa

Gareth Grant, Business Unit Manager at The MediaShop We as South Africans can be pretty tough on ourselves. Just look how fickle we can be when it comes to supporting our beloved national sports teams. How dare the Springboks or Proteas lose a match? The same can be said for many other areas in which […]

Digital marketing in a third world country

Makgotso Sekete, Media Strategist at The MediaShop As a third world country, traditional media is our main method of communication with radio, television and OOH the highest consumed mediums across various markets in South Africa. But digital is growing at a rapid rate and is enabling huge brand integrations. Digital marketing has brought consumers closer […]

Content must find me

Andile Qokweni Business Unit Manager at The MediaShop No better situation demonstrates the availability of content across the board than the amount of entertainment available to kids. I grew up in the 90s with an MNET decoder and I felt I had an infinite amount of youth based entertainment options. For some of our younger […]

Ubiquitous DOOH

Craig Wallis, Business Unit Manager at The MediaShop In the Out of Home industry, I am always amazed at the vast number of media owners who place digital screens into a multiplicity of environments. There must be at least 70 players in this advertising industry with around half of them playing in the very visible […]

Fostering Diversity of Thought

Louise Hefer, Business Unit Manager at The MediaShop Do you know what I love most about South Africa other than our resilience? Our diversity. I love how we can have a conversation around bananas and hear five different ways of what to eat it with from five different people. I love how cultural traditions come […]

AI won’t lead to better consumer engagement but machine learning will

Jarred Mailer-Lyons, Head of Digital at The MediaShop Science fiction movies and novels did an amazing job of creating and dramatizing encounters with Artificial Intelligence – but did it prepare us for the real world of AI? Unfortunately not… Most people probably still envision AI in the form a robot straight out of The Jetsons if you […]

The dilemma of leadership in the advertising and media industry

Chris Botha, Group Managing Director of Park Advertising Maria Ramos appointed CEO of Park Advertising Group (NOT REALLY…) A similar news headline recently caught my eye: “Maria Ramos tipped to head up Eskom unbundling”. WHAT? I naively thought to myself. A bank CEO is going to manage the unbundling of a state owned enterprise? What […]

Behind the Walled Gardens

Andrew Dabbs, Digital Media Strategist at The MediaShop Over the Easter period, I was fortunate enough to travel and see my 95 year old granny in the beautiful county of Sussex. Only there for a short stay and sticking to a 95 year old’s schedule, I grabbed a newspaper one morning with my cup of […]

One size does not fit all

Maggie Pronto, Media Strategist at The MediaShop Personalisation in advertising communication is a key part of the consumer journey. Consumers want a unique connection in exchange for their time, but they’re also concerned about how brands use their data. Or are they? Research from “The State of the Connected Consumer” by Salesforce, indicates that consumer’s […]

Are brands living up to client expectations?

Jedd Cokayne, Business Unit Manager at The MediaShop I am not sure about you, but there is an underlying feeling that the world’s equilibrium is not quite balanced at the moment. I think this is abundantly evident in South Africa’s downturn in consumer confidence due to the current economic situation, the fact that we’re in […]