Generation Z is coming!

Marino Sigalas, Account Director at The MediaShop, shares tips on how to deal with condescending eye contact, zero attention span and multiple platform viewing. Just when you started getting the hang of Millennials with their smug self-confidence and need to feel like they are making a difference… along comes ‘Gen Z’. Gen Z are typically […]

What’s up in the world of Digital OOH in SA?

  Craig Wallis, Business Unit Manager at The MediaShop offers a snapshot The South African OOH (out of home) industry never ceases to amaze me with the incredible growth of media types, and its concomitant innovation. There are so many young, and passionate entrepreneurs out there that it bodes well for our country. Possibly the […]

Never a dull moment:

Chris Botha, Group Managing Director of The MediaShop  An update from The MediaShop I was at a talk a few years back where Adrian Gore explained in some detail why every year seems to go by quicker than the previous years. In short, the explanation goes that when you are one year old, a year […]

Are Foogle the enemy?

Facebook and Google are the biggest media owners in almost every market across the globe and they seem to be heading for world domination says Richard Lord, Head of Digital / Business Unit Manager at The MediaShop. But, is that so bad? One of my favourite TV shows growing up was Pinky and the Brain (you’re humming that tune […]

Does your brand matter?

Does your brand matter? Jedd Cokayne, Business Unit Manager at The MediaShop asks some tough questions More and more brands are finding it difficult to trade in this ever changing and difficult market we find ourselves in. The biggest challenge is remaining relevant to a core target market. Consumers are becoming more and more fickle […]

Unpacking the era of Influencer Marketing

  Unpacking the era of Influencer Marketing by Ronel De Kock, Media Planner at The MediaShop Influencer marketing is a form of communication which identifies individuals that have influence over potential buyers, then focuses marketing activities around these influencers – mainly online. This kind of marketing uses the influence or reach that an individual has […]

How to get the best out of Radio Advertising

    How to get the best out of Radio Advertising: from both a messaging and a media strategy perspective by Margie Knap, Senior Strategist at The MediaShop Let’s face it; traditional media is here to stay. TV will always be part of our daily lives. It’s the wind down medium in the evening and […]

The Modern Day Mom and What Brands Need to Keep in Mind

The Modern Day Mom and What Brands Need to Keep in Mind by Louise Hefer, Media Strategist / Implementation Planner at The MediaShop I’ve been working on a brand within the Baby Care category for a couple of years now, and I’ve always thought that I have a good insight into moms and how to […]

eCommerce and Millennials

Fiona Brauns, Business Unit Manager at The MediaShop takes a closer look at the shopping behaviour of millennials Millennials have such close ties to online shopping and smart phone usage, but what does eCommerce mean to them? For this demographic it’s an omni-channel experience – one that begins by online search, then testing or touching the product in-store. […]

Let’s talk Blockchain

Save the rain forest. Track property owners. Get better protected data. Let’s talk Blockchain. Shantel Morgan, Insight Strategist at The MediaShop discusses Blockchain in today’s everyday life and media environment. I’ve recently found myself delving into the quite unknown world of Bitcoin and crypto currencies. What I’ve discovered is that crypto currency is certainly here […]