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LNN is South Africa’s 5th largest online news audience

Caxton’s Local News Network (LNN) platform, has been verified by the IAB Measurement Council as the 5th largest news audience in South Africa, with 2.8 million unduplicated unique browsers and over 8.8 million page views per month*.  The Caxton news network has over 250 journalists on the ground bringing readers credible, trustworthy, breaking news.  LNN […]

SPARK Media partners with Private Property

SPARK Media is delighted to announce its digital advertising sales partnership with Private Property, one of South Africa’s largest online property portals. With over 12 million monthly page views, 4+ pages per visit and an average of seven minutes per session, advertisers can access audiences that are primed to engage with products and services that […]

Caxton and SPARK Media ready for the festive season!

This is the state of Caxton Printer’s factory floor right now! “Our local newspapers are filled to the brim with inserts from our retailers ahead of the 2018 festive season, ready to be delivered to homes around the province,” says Gill Randall, Joint CEO of SPARK Media. “Retailers know that these inserts are probably the […]

The world’s largest Programmatic conference in a nutshell

On the back of attending Programmatic I/O in New York, Ashleigh Footit, Head of Techops, Programmatic and Performance at SPARK Media shares some insights into the state of programmatic advertising, brand safety and ad fraud both in the US and here at home. After an intense two days spent at the world’s largest conference on […]

Advertise to a possible 7.6 million people!

Ignition TARGET is SPARK Media’s programmatic and direct audience solution. Through their Data Management Platform (DMP) they collect and deliver customised interest based, demographic and in-market audiences. Over 7.6 million people were collected in October across Caxton owned and affiliated websites, with 69.2% of traffic coming from mobile devices. “Our in-market audiences are super exciting […]

The media needs to start questioning itself more

Following Media Freedom Week hosted by Media Monitoring Africa last week, Chris Louw, Digital Strategist at Caxton Local Newspapers says that the rise of fake news, anonymous advertising and the influence of political leaders on the media is concerning. As a guest on the panel discussion ‘Are we “post truth” or “post journalism, and does […]

Newsprint has to adapt to the ever changing world

Gone are the days when a newspaper publisher just offered newspapers! Thanks to technology, changing media consumption behaviour and the nature of business, newsprint has to adapt. And it has.   Caxton Local Media is so much more than just newspapers. “We’re constantly changing and adapting, we’re not just a newsprint company anymore – we’re […]

Only advertise on trusted publisher websites!

A large media company recently published an expose on fake news websites and advertisers that mistakenly landed up advertising on these platforms. SPARK Media’s solution to online advertisers is practical while offering solutions and ideas to help brands be safe and stay safe. “While fake news is a global problem and very difficult to identify […]

The beauty of local ROP is everything

An oft neglected advertising space is a newspaper’s ROP (Run of Print) space. It’s a very powerful platform that Caxton Local Newspapers is unlocking for local and national businesses. “ROP is still a very powerful space,” says Jaco Koekemoer, MD of Caxton Local Media & Coldset Printing, “and one of the most powerful elements within […]

ROOTS 2019 is loading!

South Africa’s largest urban community quantitative survey, ROOTS, is currently in field. ROOTS 2019 is set to launch in the first quarter of next year. The new instalment of the survey balances trendability while keeping up to date with current industry developments.  “ROOTS 2019 shows what consumers look like, how they behave, where they shop, […]