ALL4Women steps it up with exciting new packages

All4Women, one of South Africa’s most popular online women’s magazines, is excited to launch their three new specially-tailored, results-driven client packages for 2018. All4Women prides itself on the uniquely curated content created by editors who are well in tune with their audience, covering topics from food and home to parenting and relationships. As of March […]

Freedom Day – Infographic

Freedom Day – Infographic  

Caxton: Not just informing, but uplifting communities

Caxton’s local newspapers keep their surrounding communities informed about the latest happenings in the area. But their community investment goes so much further than news. Caxton and each of its newspapers aim to improve and uplift their communities, not only through the investment of financial resources, but by getting actively involved in service organisations and […]

The successful print campaign that set a CEO strutting out in a Speedo

It all began with a challenge at a Tekkie Town conference last year to reach an exceptional target for December 2017 – an “absolutely impossible to reach” target that had the CEO betting that he would walk in a Speedo from one Tekkie Town building to the other if it was reached. Unfortunately for Tekkie […]

What will ROOTS 2019 reveal about your customers?

Conducted by SPARK Media every three years, ROOTS is South Africa’s largest urban, community-level quantitative survey. With fieldwork for the 2019 survey already started from mid-March, there is much anticipation around what the latest findings from the updated questionnaire will reveal, particularly around digital trends, when the data is released in early 2019.  Started in […]

SPARK Media offers support to Black-owned small media agencies

SPARK Media, a division of Caxton & CTP Publishers and Printers, is offering small, black-owned advertising agencies an opportunity like no other. This offer emanates from an agreement between the Competition Commission of South Africa and Caxton and is scheduled to run until February 2021. See Competition Commission settlement details at Qualifying small agencies […]

Caxton Excellence Awards acknowledges local talent

Competition between the various Caxton Local Media’s editorial, sales, advertising, management and support staff was stiff at the prestigious Caxton Excellence Awards. Judges were impressed with the top quality work that individuals dedicated to their papers and clients. Held at the Empire Hill venue in Parktown on 15 March, over 400 ‘Caxonites’ from across South […]

How safe is your brand online?

A popular burger chain’s logo appears above an uncomfortable close-up of a naked woman on a porn site, while a food retailer’s banners appeared next to fake news articles on a highly disreputable website. Chances are these brands have no idea that their brand adverts are appearing in such brand damaging environments. Which is why […]

Caxton – So much more than “just a print company”

Caxton goes beyond being “just a print company”, having evolved into an all-encompassing, multi-platform, local media company over the years since it was first founded as a printer and publisher in 1980. Over years, Caxton has learnt the value in teaming up with communities, which is why heavy community involvement plays a pivotal role in […]

Data driven audiences in brand safe environments

The way in which readers and users are engaging with publications has been, and is, changing. To stay ahead publishers must evolve and diversify their revenue streams or risk being left behind. The shift to a data-driven advertising world is in full swing and Caxton is at the forefront of digital innovation, ensuring consumer-insight-driven data […]