How safe is your brand online?

A popular burger chain’s logo appears above an uncomfortable close-up of a naked woman on a porn site, while a food retailer’s banners appeared next to fake news articles on a highly disreputable website. Chances are these brands have no idea that their brand adverts are appearing in such brand damaging environments. Which is why […]

Caxton – So much more than “just a print company”

Caxton goes beyond being “just a print company”, having evolved into an all-encompassing, multi-platform, local media company over the years since it was first founded as a printer and publisher in 1980. Over years, Caxton has learnt the value in teaming up with communities, which is why heavy community involvement plays a pivotal role in […]

Data driven audiences in brand safe environments

The way in which readers and users are engaging with publications has been, and is, changing. To stay ahead publishers must evolve and diversify their revenue streams or risk being left behind. The shift to a data-driven advertising world is in full swing and Caxton is at the forefront of digital innovation, ensuring consumer-insight-driven data […]

Meet the web banners revolutionising online display advertising: Dynamic Ads

Gone are the days of “spray and pray” in online advertising, holding thumbs that your scattered online banners are finding the eyeballs of the right audience. As strategic specialists, SPARK Media are excited to launch a ground-breaking new technology in online display advertising: Dynamic Ads – data-driven, innovative banners which allow for targeted ad customisation, […]

Q&A with Caxton: Content is Crucial to Local Media Success

  In an age inundated with fake news, curating trust with a community is absolutely crucial to the success of local papers. To remain relevant, there’s a huge need for top quality editorial content. We spoke to Irma Green, National Group Editor of Caxton Local Media, about how their papers and digital platforms maintain content […]

Caxton Factories: Providing efficient printing solutions

Caxton Local Media is the largest printer of newspapers in South Africa, with 10 strategically located cold-set factories across the country. Jaco Koekemoer, Managing Director of Caxton Local Media and Coldset Printing at Caxton Group, explains how the first-world technology and national footprint of their factories create a highly-cost effective, seamless printing and distribution solution […]

What really gets a magazine noticed on the shelf?

In today’s fast-paced, time-poor world, it’s heartening to know that a magazine’s coverlines trump the cover image when it comes to purchasing choice. Research recently conducted by Caxton Magazines shows that more than half of magazine buyers cite coverlines as their top criteria in choosing which magazine to buy, followed by cover image, then price […]

Brand safety and fake news – what’s the deal?

The digital era, while providing an exciting and innovative means of communicating and engaging with targeted audiences, has also brought with it a new wave of fear for brands and brand safety. To mitigate these risks SPARK Media suggests that advertisers work with companies that deal directly with reputable publishers. “Brands and advertisers are beginning […]

Rev up your brand presence with Autodealer

In a highly-competitive automotive industry, Autodealer is your one-stop-shop for ‘all things cars’. It offers an all-encompassing, motoring product offering that covers print, online and social media channels. It’s extensive reach through Caxton’s local newspapers means that there isn’t another motoring supplement that comes close to its localised print footprint.  Established over a decade ago, […]

Movember and the Rise of the Metro Male

 Movember is so much more than just ‘the only time it’s socially acceptable for men to sport sleazy upper-lip hair’. It’s about raising awareness of men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s suicide. Interestingly enough, SPARK Media’s research has found that South African men are indeed becoming increasingly focused on their […]