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The Good Things Guy celebrates six years of sharing good news

Six years ago, one South African citizen turned a reckless challenge into a random act of kindness. Fast forward a few years and today the Good Things Guy platform reaches over four million people every month sharing good news stories about South Africa and ordinary South Africans.

Good Things Guy founder Brent Lindeque says that after launching the website six years ago with the idea to share good news has changed his life completely. “What I didn’t know at the time is how much this little concept would change my entire life in the process. It would help me find my purpose and give me the best job title in the world.”

Today the platform employs a team of writers who capture every day good news that constantly streams into Brent’s inbox and social media platforms. “There’s a LOT,” he says. “The amount of feel-good news about our country coupled with the good deeds and initiatives from every day South Africans humbles our team on a daily basis.”

Brent over the years, has proven the misconception that good news doesn’t sell – an average social media post reaches over 500 000 people with close on 400 000 loyal followers across the Good Things Guys Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube platforms on a daily basis. The site’s top five stories are also displayed on various outdoor and indoor digital screens across South Africa.

With a 76% South African and 24% global readership across all ages, it’s clear that we all want more good news.

“My intention at the time of starting Good Things Guy was to bring a little sunshine into the lives of others, to bring hope to people who felt despair and perhaps offer some balance in a world that can sometimes feel overwhelmingly sad,” says Brent. “I wanted to share one good news story every single day and to make people proud of South Africa and remind everyone of all the good things happening in our beautiful country and the world.

Just looking at the last year… this pandemic, the lockdown, the anger, the sadness, the trauma and the pain. We have all been through the most. But even through all of that, in all that tragedy, every single day, something good happens, and I got to report on it every day.

I really do have the best job title in the world, but Good Things Guy is so much more than just me. It’s become a real business, with real writers, winning real awards, creating real change by finding real joy and sharing it with others.”

Good Things Guy has become one of the leading news sites in South Africa and has grown from one person with a simple idea to a full team that brings good news to South Africans every single day! The website is growing daily, with the highest reach achieving over 10 million people in a single month.

The Good Things Guy can be found on all social media platforms and at

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In the times of tragedy, look for the helpers

This week’s mass lootings, riots and violence has rocked South Africans from all works of life both here at home and abroad. But despite the heartache of loss of life, income and employment, South Africans can always be counted on to come together in times of tragedy.

“South Africans are one of the most resilient people on the planet,” says South Africa’s GoodThingsGuy Brent Lindeque. “Yes, the last week has been incredibly traumatic but in times of tragedy it is crucial to look for the helpers, and South Africa, you are delivering in droves.”

Over the last 48 hours the GoodThingsGuy has featured stories of South Africans volunteering to help clean up after the looters, of people going to donate blood to help the SANBS, of business owners forced to close that were helping feed and hydrate the police, of communities rallying together to protect their shopping centres from looters, of the Ndlovu Youth Choir using their platform to promote peace, of a psychologist giving free advice to help parents through this and even a Durban couple whose wedding was cancelled and how they chose to donate all the food (over 1000 meals) to the hungry and homeless.

Taxi associations are protecting malls, small business owners are offering their services free of charge and communities are planning clean-up operations across Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal.

“There’s a great Facebook Group called Stronger Together which has over 9000 followers that was created to find solutions to creating a better South Africa. It is filled to the brim with practical positivity which is so very needed right now. In other initiatives across the country other Facebook Groups like Rebuild South Africa have been created with close to 17 000 followers in the last 24 hours, and Stronger Together – Small businesses of South Africa, by ordinary South Africans to affect real change in our country.

We will be okay South Africa, maybe not today or this week but we always come together when it’s needed most,” says Brent.

The Good Things Guy can be found on all social media platforms and at

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