Month: Jun 2018

Never a dull moment:

Chris Botha, Group Managing Director of The MediaShop  An update from The MediaShop I was at a talk a few years back where Adrian Gore explained in some detail why every year seems to go by quicker than the previous years. In short, the explanation goes that when you are one year old, a year […]

Data Fusion is Now!

Fusion is no longer the vision in research, but rather the preferred solution. The first fused media and brand data will be available to the media industry as soon as August this year comprising of the PRC’s PAM S and Nielsen’s Consumer Panel. The PRC plans to fuse Narratiive’s (formerly Effective Measure) online data to […]

It’s inter-high at SPARK Media’s Sport’s Day

It’s that time of year again – SPARK Media’s annual Sports Day! This year SPARK Media takes participants back to school and more specifically, to that inter-high sports day to unleash their inner jock, cheerleader or nerd. As in the previous years, SPARK Media have again catered to both the sporty and the brainy and […]

Are Foogle the enemy?

Facebook and Google are the biggest media owners in almost every market across the globe and they seem to be heading for world domination says Richard Lord, Head of Digital / Business Unit Manager at The MediaShop. But, is that so bad? One of my favourite TV shows growing up was Pinky and the Brain (you’re humming that tune […]

Emerald hosts first children’s ‘readathon’

Teaching children to read at an early age has multiple benefits and is the key to a child’s formal academic education. With this in mind Emerald Resort & Casino hosted their first ‘readathon’ on a very apt day – Youth Day. “In 2017, Emerald Resort & Casino sponsored mini libraries at Vukuzakhe and Batloung Primary […]

Does your brand matter?

Does your brand matter? Jedd Cokayne, Business Unit Manager at The MediaShop asks some tough questions More and more brands are finding it difficult to trade in this ever changing and difficult market we find ourselves in. The biggest challenge is remaining relevant to a core target market. Consumers are becoming more and more fickle […]

Honour Fathers and celebrate at Emerald!

In celebration of honouring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds and the influence of fathers in society, Emerald Resort & Casino invite all Dads and their families to the Resort on 17 June 2018 – Father’s Day. Breeze is serving up treats specially for Dad in the form of Daddy’s Treat, My Hero’s Chicken, For […]

Clover launches first of its kind Whistling Chef meals!

Clover has just unveiled its latest mouth wateringly innovative offering in the Ready to Eat (RTE) category, complete with first-to-Africa FreshVacSeal™ packaging technology, under the Whistling Chef brand. The packaging technology allows consumers to enjoy a fresh meal with an extended shelf life.  This latest range from Clover is completely unique as it’s the first […]

Celebrate Soccer at Emerald’s Fan Zone!

Big screen, amazing football, good food and beverages and fans – what else would we require at a Soccer Fan Zone? Emerald Resort & Casino will be hosting their Soccer Fan Zone every Friday and Saturday for the duration of the tournament where fans can get together to view live matches on the big screen. “Major […]

Unpacking the era of Influencer Marketing

  Unpacking the era of Influencer Marketing by Ronel De Kock, Media Planner at The MediaShop Influencer marketing is a form of communication which identifies individuals that have influence over potential buyers, then focuses marketing activities around these influencers – mainly online. This kind of marketing uses the influence or reach that an individual has […]