Month: September 2017

Koo Govender appointed Chairperson at AMF

The Advertising Media Forum (AMF) has announced that Koo Govender has been appointed as the industry body’s Chairperson for 2017/18. Board members comprise senior representatives from media groups around the country, each accountable for their own portfolio.

“I’m extremely humbled to be appointed in this role, especially taking into consideration the very exciting, albeit challenging media landscape we find ourselves in,” says Koo, also CEO of media agency, the Dentsu Aegis Network. “The AMF has a crucial role to play in this industry in terms of both representing all media agencies but also holding our fellow agencies accountable to the issues of transparency, research, talent and transformation amongst others.”

Before joining the Dentsu Aegis Network, Koo held the position as first female CEO at the VWV Group and has spent more than 20 years in the broadcast and media industry, including the role of Corporate Marketing & Communications Director at Mnet.

“I’m very pleased to say that our current board is a young, diverse group of media professionals, each very passionate and committed to the media and advertising industry,” she says. “We’re working on several excellent initiatives, one of which includes up-skilling current young media agency professionals, which we’ll report back on in due course.”

Koo recently had the opportunity to judge Cannes Lions 2017, Loeries 2017 as well as AdFocus 2017 in the Media and Innovation category. “I’m extremely passionate about this ever changing, ever innovating industry of ours and I’m proud to represent the AMF as a vital cog.”

Watch Manchester at Old Trafford!

Emerald Resort & Casino has given away three all-expense paid trips to Manchester, England – and there are three more to be won! Lucky winners will have the opportunity to watch one of the biggest premier football clubs in the world, Manchester United, take on Newcastle United in November 2017.

 The prize includes an all-expenses paid trip, accommodation and VIP suite tickets to the Old Trafford stadium.

“We know that Manchester United football club has an exceptional following and support base in South Africa,” says Tanuja Gangabishun, Marketing Executive at Emerald Resort & Casino. “What better prize for a supporter to win than a trip to Old Trafford, the largest stadium in British club football, to watch the  action live and in person?”

For the dedicated Manchester United fans, here are a few facts. Statistics date back to 1895. In 163 games, Manchester United have beaten Newcastle United 83 times, drawn 39 games and only lost 41 times. Pundits are already predicting who will be victorious later this year in this epic battle.

This promotion is open for the entire month of September (draw takes place on Thursday 5 October).

Participants will be tracked according to points earned during their game play on tables and slots for each of the promotional periods and results will be displayed on a leader-board situated within the casino’s Salon Privé.  The top 20 on slots and top 10 on tables on the leader-board will qualify for the various draws. Draw tickets will be issued in the Salon Privé on the day of the draw and draws take place at 21h00.

“It is through our affiliation with Caesars Entertainment that we can offer South Africans and guests to Emerald Resort & Casino these unique prizes,” concludes Tanuja. “This prize is added to some of the very memorable prizes given away in the past. Guests have won cruises to Greek Islands; we’ve given away cars, trips to Vegas and seats to international casino tournaments just to mention a few.

Will home ground advantage help ManU add another win to their an already impressive stats? We look forward to sending guests to what will undoubtedly be a trip of a lifetime this November!”

Emerald Resort & Casino is a licensed gambling venue. Winners know when to stop. Only persons over 18 are permitted to gamble. National Problem Gambling Counselling Toll Free Helpline 0800 006 008.

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Establishment Survey full year results unpacked

On 3 October 2017, the two Peters, Peter Langschmidt and Peter Storrar from the Publisher Research Council (PRC) and Kantar TNS respectively will be presenting the Establishment Survey’s (ES) full year results, which for the first time includes household expenditure.

 The ES is a multi-purpose, multi-media survey providing context for all media platforms and all media currencies in South Africa. It is a collaborative partnership between the Publisher Research Council (PRC) and the Broadcast Research Council (BRC). The aim is for media owners, marketers, and advertisers to use the survey as a strategic inter-media planning tool.

The presentation will take place at Bryanston Country Club on Tuesday, 3 October 2017 at 15h00 until approximately 17h00. A Q&A session will take place immediately after the presentation to address all concerns and queries regarding the ES and the presented data. “The results, off a robust 25 000 sample, comprising of two waves of 12 500 each, includes household expenditure for the first time,” says Motlalepula Mmesi, researcher at the PRC. “We look forward to seeing all of our media, advertising and marketing colleagues there.

The two Peter’s will be available afterwards to discuss any questions personally and of course, everyone is invited for some informal networking.”

The first PAMS (Publisher Audience Measurement Survey), with individual published titles and major ad-spend brands included, will be released in February 2018, and subsequently fused with the ES.

SPARK MEDIA: From Printism to Print-o-vation

Fact – local papers are thriving. Community newspapers have not followed the same declining trend that is affecting other print media. To buck the decline, newspapers must find inventive ways to retain and attract advertisers. And advertisers want innovation.

“Historically, creative opportunities in print have been limited,” says SPARK Media’s Strategic Marketing Services Director, Justine Williams. Clients have challenged us to become more creative, more impactful and to deliver new ways of creating lasting impressions on readers.”

In 2016, SPARK Media launched its Fashion Week campaign, introducing their print innovations to the advertising community after investing heavily in the technology to cater to the changing industry requirements. In a short period of time, the company was able to print unique codes on individual inserts, offer die cuts, layered inserts, belly bands, Powerwraps and the popular Powernote. These innovations opened up a world of opportunities for advertisers.“Like Fashion Week in the clothing industry, the industry’s top designers present their latest collections associated with sexiness, allure and creativity,” explains Williams. “These characteristics aligned perfectly with what we wanted to achieve and attribute to these print innovations.

During Print Fashion Week, agencies across South Africa were shown the possibilities when it came to creativity, inventiveness and flair. It was all about jazzing up classic print with dashing layers, trendy jackets and chick belly bands.”

We look back to see the impact that these innovative products have created for clients.

Belinda Kayton from The MediaShop said: “I love the layered inserts. We use inserts for our retail clients – it’s a complete stand-out because inserts work for us and are important to us.” The cut-out provides interaction and she loves the fact that the reader can actually become part of the advert. “Isn’t that the point of it?”

Sean Sullivan from The MediaShop enjoys the flexibility inherent in the various innovations and the additional impact they provide, making their clients really ‘stand out’.And do these print innovations deliver tangible results? According to the head of a national electronics retailer, most definitely, after the brand experienced the best December in years after using the Powerwrap. Another client testimonial of the print innovation success reported that the Powerwrap increased their headache powder’s share growth by just under 10% and was the perfect supplement to their radio campaign.

The proven importance of a local print presence was recognised by a client who noted: “the week that you aren’t in the community newspapers, and your competitors are, you stand the chance of losing between 15 to 20% in turnover.”

“Print Fashion Week and our innovation in print have been extremely successful and has accounted for an additional R5 million in revenue, generating at least 24 additional campaigns.” concludes Williams. “Just like the hottest fashion couture, local print media keeps delivering and innovating, clearly negating the perception that print is dying.”

Catch DJs Kyle Cassim and Lady Lea at Aquadome’s Indoor Pool Party!

It’s a brilliant showcase of DJ’s this month as Emerald Resort & Casino & Synergy Production House presents the next Hot Beatz Indoor Pool Party at Aquadome on 29 September 2017. A host of performers are set to entertain, including 5FM’s Kyle Cassim and Lady Lea, supported by Classic Tank, T-Skull, Crocks and Max Da DJ

Each month features new musical talent and perfectly showcases the features at Aquadome as party-goers revel the night away in bikini’s and swimming trunks.

Daytime pool fun transforms into a nocturnal rocking party at this venue! Hot Beatz constantly delivers some of the most celebrated DJs in the country, seamlessly putting together crowd pleasing productions with well-known artists. If party goers are looking for a great mix of hip hop, house music and live performances all under one roof then this party is not to be missed.Emerald Resort & Casino’s leisure and eventing team has been hard at work ensuring that the Hot Beatz Indoor Pool Party becomes a regular crowd pleaser month after month – an objective successfully achieved!

Hot Beatz Indoor Pool Party is an over 18s only event. VIP tickets are R450 per person which includes unlimited drinks (selected brands only) at the VIP bar. General entrance tickets are R150 each, available through Computicket.

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Multiple reading occasions halves print’s CPT

Peter Langschmidt, consultant to the PRC (Publisher Research Council), investigates how print’s OTS (Opportunity to See) of around two per reader effectively halves the medium’s Cost per Thousand (CPT).

 Print is the only medium where rate cards are based on one OTS (Opportunity to See) per reader, however new research consistently proves that the same issue of publications have multiple reading occasions by the same reader. This results in additional opportunities to see an advert, which is usually around two. These multiple OTS effectively halve print’s Cost per Thousand (CPT) compared to broadcast and other media.

As seen in the table below, this thoroughness/multiple reads translates into advert OTS which increases amongst the older, more affluent, more influential consumer. TABLE 1. OPPORTUNITY TO SEE ADVERT BY SEGMENT

The research allows us to apply the OTS data to planning principles to get to a more accurate CPT for print versions of newspapers and magazines. By understanding this multiple OTS occurrence by segment and type of publication it can now be applied to media planning principles.

An advertising budget divided by each medium’s CPT will deliver that medium’s GRP’s (Gross Rating Points), a media weight measure (reach x frequency). According to IBIS media manager the CPT for newspapers is R117 and R103 for magazines, when we take these multiple OTS into account it effectively halves the CPT as shown in the table below:



Let’s take a budget figure of say R100,000 and see how many ratings we could achieve with each medium based on its CPT. Outdoor, having the lowest CPT, delivers the most ratings (GRP’s) for the same budget.

We also have to take into account the inherent strengths and communication ability of each medium relative to one another. We summarise this in terms of a simple impact figure. All media types are rated relative to the most impactful medium – cinema, which has a captive front facing audience in a dark cinema with a 30m screen and Dolby stereo sound.



Once this impact factor is applied we’re able to, more effectively, compare each medium’s Effective Rating Points or ERP’s. Television emerges as the most powerful medium while magazines and newspapers take the other two podium positions and deliver almost twice the effective audience numbers compared to radio and outdoor.

The dominance of print over radio is even more pronounced in the upper SEM/LSM 8-10 market and the perfect information foil to pin down and complement the transitory TV message.

The Media Comparison Calculator attempts to go beyond the numbers and PRC members are supplying the calculator to all clients and agencies so that they can apply it to any target market.

For additional information and research on reading, visit


Ken Varejes talks tenacity and growing businesses

Ken Varejes, Group CEO of media innovation hub Nfinity, says that many business owners reach a point in their life cycle where growth stagnates and they’re not sure how to progress.   Tenacity is defined in the dictionary as “persistent determination”. This aptly describes the central ethos of the businesses that Ken has taken a vested interest in within Nfinity. “It ties into quality and work ethic which are both critical for success,” he says.

It’s the age old story of being like a bulldog and never giving up. I use the example often of a youngster looking for work – don’t expect to walk into a job. If you want to work for a particular company don’t take no for an answer, camp out on their doorstep, research everything about that company and be prepared to work just for free if you have to get a foot in the door! And importantly, make yourself invaluable! Soon enough they will find a salary for you.”

This is the type of tenacity that makes for entrepreneurial excellence.

An innovator and salesman at heart, Ken believes in elevating his businesses within the media space. “Our businesses offer their intended audiences unique ways to communicate, to engage and that ultimately make a difference to that company’s bottom line.”

“I’ve always said that it’s crucial to have good people around you, and that includes a solid infrastructure of people that perhaps know more than you do in key areas of the business.”

Nfinity offers their existing businesses a solid management backing that includes assistance on financial management, client retention, increasing sales and finding market gaps that need to be filled. “It’s all about having the correct networking contacts and tapping into each other’s networks of people,” comments Ken. “The shared business knowledge, intellectual property and even shared moral support are crucial for any business taking the next step up.”

“We work with people who are passionate about their business, who have the tenacity to achieve, a never say die attitude and who will not give up at the first hiccup along the way. Right now Nfinity has an incredible group of innovative media businesses that are thriving and it’s because each and every MD and member of our team believe in what their business stands for and work 24/7 to achieve the end goal,” he says.

“I believe there’s a ton of opportunity for businesses in South Africa provided you have an offering that will fill a gap in the market and you have complete belief in what you’re selling. Because ultimately if you don’t believe in your own product or service you’ve failed before you’ve begun.

To sum it all up: “Be a bulldog, don’t let go, be persistent and finally, know when to lean on someone for some assistance.”

A day of family fun and entertainment at Emerald Resort & Casino

This September on Heritage Day (24 September 2017), Emerald Resort & Casino will once again be hosting their Family Fun Day. This year however it includes an open air market that celebrates regional talent in the Vaal.

Family Fun Day promises to be a trendy, vibrant and friendly affair that features the best local components of food, entertainment and crafts.

“The Family Fun Day is a fantastic way, in pure South African outdoor style, for families to celebrate all things ‘traditional’ while making a day of it at Emerald Resort & Casino,” says Tanuja Gangabishun, Marketing Executive.

The day will be a safe, family friendly, outdoor environment with plenty of charm and activities for all ages. Families are encouraged to bring their blankets, chairs and umbrellas to enjoy a relaxing afternoon out. Kids will enjoy the jumping castle and other free activities at the fun day, and adults can take their time to visit the stalls, relax and socialise while enjoying their purchases over a refreshing beverage or two, alongside mouth-watering cuisine, while listening to local bands.

Entrance to the Family Fun Day is free! While visiting the Resort, why not enjoy Emerald Resort & Casino’s most popular entertainment activities like Aquadome, Animal World, Pins, etc? (Entrance fees to non Fun Day activities apply.)Taste many traditional South African eats at Emerald Resort & Casino’s sweet stall table, pancake station, juice stall, homemade ice-cream stall and the Hotel’s food stall! Find Hertsoggies, milk tarts, koeksisters, mosbolletjie beskuit , homemade rooibos lemonade ,  traditional ¼ bunny chow’s  , boerewors with pap and chakalaka sauce and what would a Fun Day and Heritage Day be without vetkoek?

The day, in association with radio station 90.6FM, will be open from 10h00 until 18h00 and entrance is free. We’re excited to offer the local Vaal community and families the space to experience everything local in an already well established environment,” says Tanuja.

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Defeat the meat and eat for free!

Emerald Resort & Casino’s restaurants High Stakes and Breeze have introduced a challenge to all meat lovers – finish a meal that includes a 2kg  T-bone steak within an hour, get the meal for free and a place on the Wall of Fame.

Brave diners visiting the Resort are invited to take on the Emerald steak challenge – a steak that is 10 times bigger than your average 200g serving.

“It’s not a challenge for the faint of heart,” says Tanuja Gangabishun, Marketing Executive at Emerald Resort & Casino. “Enjoy this T-Bone with chips, onion rings, creamed spinach and crumbed mushrooms and a choice of a draught or milkshake.”

This gastronomic gauntlet costs R500.00, but then again it’s free if consumed within an hour.

Here are a few tips to assist in conquering the challenge: besides being juicer and tastier, make sure that the steak is rare/medium rare – cutting, chewing and swallowing is a lot easier. Cut the steak into small pieces and eat the steak first. Above all, enjoy the meal and remember that proper dining etiquette is still required – no eating with hands!

“This meal is huge and could bring a tear to the eye of even the biggest of meat lovers,” concludes Tanuja. “Are you up for the challenge? We dare you!”

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Krish Reedoy appointed as Executive Chef at Emerald Resort & Casino

Vastly experienced culinary master chef Krish Reedoy has been appointed as the Executive Chef at Emerald Resort & Casino, responsible for the entire food and beverage management at the Resort.

“We would like to welcome Krish Reedoy to the Emerald Resort & Casino management team,” says Tanuja Gangabishun, Marketing Executive at Emerald Resort & Casino. “We are thrilled to find someone as talented as Krish to bolster the F&B offering and will assist in leading us to even greater culinary heights.”

Krish brings over 30 years of experience to the Vaal. As executive chef he will oversee all the culinary operations and direct all food and beverage programmes at Emerald Resort & Casino. These include banqueting, catering and the Resort’s restaurants, Breeze, Ubuntu Buffet and premier restaurant High Stakes.

His experience includes successful sojourns at Royal Palm Hotel (Mauritius), Le Galawa Sun on Comores Island, Sun City and Wild Coast Sun, The Royal Hotel in Durban and Garden Court Hotel in Umhlanga Durban.

“I am privileged to have worked for some of the best hotel groups in the world and I’m humbled with my association with Emerald Resort & Casino,” says Krish. “I would like to thank everyone who has welcomed me with an open heart while making me feel completely at home in a new environment.

I will strive to keep the Resort’s rich culture alive by creating great memories for our patrons with our fantastic food.”

“We invite all guests to experience any of our fine restaurants first hand as Krish implements his personal gastronomic style at Emerald Resort & Casino,” concludes Tanuja.

Emerald Resort & Casino.

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