Month: May 2017

Driverless cars and OOH

Driverless Cars: The Death Knell for Roadside Billboards? Craig Wallis, Business Unit Director at The MediaShop   I was recently provided with an interesting report by the US law firm, Venable LLP, entitled “The Future of OOH in a Self-Driving America“. Being in the OOH industry, I thought it would make for an interesting read, […]

Have You Got Talent?

Prove it! Join SPARK Media on 6 June 2017 for their “You’ve got Talent” games day at Bryanston Country Club. “Bring your skills, whether it’s your balls or your brains, and put them to the challenge,” says Gill Randall, Joint CEO of SPARK Media. “We’ve catered to both the sporty and the brainy by including […]

Marc du Plessis appointed Head of Publisher Council at IAB

Joint CEO of SPARK Media, Marc du Plessis has been announced as Head of the Publisher Council of the IAB. The Publisher Council represents its IAB publisher members in a wide range of interests including regulatory and audience measurement issues.  “I’m really excited to get stuck into my new role within the IAB where I’ve […]

It’s Squeaky Bum Time for South Africa

Jedd Cokayne, Business Unit Manager for The MediaShop Junk Status. Two words that evoke a generally negative emotional response in every adult South African, but what can brands do to stay ahead? It’s landed, just like that irritating aunt at family gatherings! You’ve tried your best to ignore it in the hope that she wouldn’t […]

The fitness industry in South Africa is bigger than you think

According to Statiska (The Statistics Portal)1 and The Economist2 South Africa has the world’s highest fitness club revenue, generating over $900 million annually. What this translates to is that a lot of South African consumers are using gyms in various sizes, shapes and formats to get fit, stay active and be healthy, but some brands […]

Experience an evening out for two at Emerald Resort & Casino

Money is tight so it’s not often that couples get an opportunity to experience a midweek date night anymore. Emerald Resort & Casino’s Vaal Night Out, is designed to give couples exactly that – time together – alone and cost effectively. “We all know what it’s like in today’s world and economy, so we’ve put […]

Greg Bruwer appointed sole Managing Director at TLC

Greg Bruwer, previously Joint Managing Director with Steven Stuart of Targeted Lifestyle Communication (TLC), a Primedia Unlimited company, has taken over the role of sole MD. “After 15 years of incredible service, Steve has decided to throw all his energy into one of his greatest loves – IT,” says Greg. “We thank him whole heartedly […]

Brands need to catch up with their influencers

Does advertising need to catch up with the internet? Do brands need to understand their influencers? Avtaar Mohanlall, Digital Media Strategist at The MediaShop says “Hell Yes!” Word of Mouth is probably one of the oldest and most trusted methods of marketing because there’s nothing like a good recommendation of a product from someone you […]

The act of Reading delivers a focused and engaged consumer

The Publisher Research Council’s (PRC) latest South African research – Media View shows that although consumers may not be spending as much time reading as engaging with broadcast media, the time spent reading is more focused and far less distracted. #ReadToRemember Conducted independently by Kantar TNS, the Media View survey, commissioned and funded by the […]

Walk a mile in your consumer’s shoes to discover the pot of gold!

Louise Hefer, The MediaShop I’ve been in a few meetings over the years where it became very evident that a lot of teams, whether public relations, creative agencies, media agencies or even in marketing, are just not familiar with the mindset of the very consumer they are trying to reach. It’s not always necessary to […]