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About Us

Owlhurst Communications was registered in 2001 as a niched publicity agency and are proud to represent clients in the marketing, advertising, media and entertainment industries but are not limited to those industries.

We’ll share with you what we can do, not what we might do. We look at the bigger picture – we have an open mind and over a decade of experience in the public relations, advertising and media fields. We’re interested in working in industries where we can add value and make a real difference.

Our Approach

Our objective for all our clients is to produce quality content that is ‘publication ready’ for our journalists. We ensure that the news value and style fits in with our journalists, no matter the category.


Owlhurst Communications  is run by a husband and wife team, Mark and Chirene Campbell, who operate out of their home in Petervale, Johannesburg North.

Contact us


Chirene Campbell - 0EIGHTthree557 2438

Mark Campbell - 0EIGHTthree266 2177

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